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    Gardeners Delight Tomato Plug Plants

    Gardeners Delight Tomato Plug Plants (x3 Tomato Plugs / Seedlings) Gardeners Delight tomato plug plants ready for a warm and sunny window sill or greenhouse / polytunnel to grow on. A reliable tomato plant bearing prolific, flavoursome, cherry sized fruits; grown indoors and outdoors. Each Gardeners Delight tomato plug plant will be approx. 8 to 10cm in height (incl. the plug itself). Gardeners Delight Tomato Plug Plant Care:The tomato plugs will be dispatched Free and First Class (large letter) so they arrives asap.  Dispatch is Monday to Thurs only to avoid any weekend postal delays that may be detrimental to the tomato plugs health.   Once received unpack immediately and stand…

  • Tomato Care

    Tomato Care

    Tomato care in itself is very rewarding. In taking care of tomato plants, you can slip away for five minutes of peace each day and take delight in the small changes your tomato care affords. In caring for tomato plants you may notice the sweet, green fragrance of the tomato leaves as you brush against them filling the air; a new flower truss dotted with yellow star like blooms or the very ultimate, the forming of a brand new baby tomato where once a tomato flower sat.

  • Growing tomato plants from tomato plugs

    Growing Tomato Plants From Tomato Plugs

    Growing tomato plants from tomato plugs is a great way of starting tomato plants that are strong and healthy. Ensuring a good crop of tomatoes later in the season. And what can be more convenient than being able to order tomato plugs online one day and having them delivered through your letter box the next! All ready for their new home.